Emergenz Consulting


Emergence = emerging, coming out, ascending

Change the ending to a Z…

             = moving into certainty, clarity, and peace in the process


How is your so-called Life?


  • Is there something you really want but don’t believe you deserve? 
  • Is there something you want to do but don’t believe you are smart enough or have enough time left to accomplish it?


Do you think poorly of yourself? Do you think you’re a nobody?


Are their qualities you hold that you’d like to change? [controlling, judgmental, criticizing, reactionary, negative, etc.]


  • Do you believe everything is just the way it is and can’t be changed?

  • Do you look for ways to justify your limitations?

  • Do you want to stay there, or do you want to turn your life around? 


"You’ve been down that road before. You know where it ends."
– Trinity, The Matrix

Live a joyful, healthy, expansive and abundant life NOW!


  • Learn about the gifts you were rightfully born with.
  • Learn how to use those gifts to help yourself and others.
  • Learn how to live as the gift every day.


You can define it any way you like. The question is – Do you Love Your Life? If you want to be, do and have more, I can help you Master Your Life.


I can guide you to change whatever you want to change in your life, and to enhance whatever you want to enhance.  Your greatest and most potent toolbox is your MIND — and it's FREE!


If you are willing and committed, I can get you there. There’s lots of fun and freedom on the journey too!

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Life Coach & Spiritual Coach

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My name is Kathleen. I am a Mindset Coach.  The roadmap to your success is a program I facilitate called "Thinking Into Results" (TIR). This a focused, comprehensive 6-month course that will change your life.


This program helped me to change everything – my relationships with my husband, my manager, my family, my friends. I learned to identify and free myself from my very own limitations and from what I assumed were everyone else’s. Its impact expands me more and more every day.


If you are inspired to know more, please contact me. I can discuss details of the course and we can explore together whether it might be a good fit for both of us.


highly recommend Kathleen’s consulting services; she is an innate spiritual guide. In early 2020, I was in a rut; unhappy, angry and frustrated personally and professionally. I crossed paths with…Emergenz Consulting services. I was drawn to the .. philosophy “right thought is mastery and calmness is power.”  Over the last 14 months… my thoughts and feelings changed my self-image and gave my life value again. What an epiphany!  Relationships around me changed, work challenges lessened. Kathleen… introduced me to a journey of self-awareness far exceeding my imagination. She showed me the most valuable person is me.

- Sam, California

I have been on this self-introspective journey for most of my life. I have gathered information, knowledge, ideas and life experience from different people and many traditions. When I was introduced to TIR my coach told me it would be the missing link, it would bring all of what I have previously learned together and provide an actual path, a direction I could use to move forward in life. She was absolutely correct. Something I really got once I got started was, without a direction, a goal we are actually going nowhere in life, we are lost. TIR is the perfect balance of science, spiritual, business and law to create that goal to have a path. And it never ends you just keep following the path to take you on your next awesome journey.

- Adrienne, MD